What is Thepla?? Is it healthy??

Thepla, a Gujarati snack originating from rural areas of Gujarat which is now a world-famous snack.

Thepla is one of the iconic foods that bring the tradition of Indian food known worldwide.

Thepla is made using oil (minimal amount), wheat flour & properly roasted.

We have a Gujarati background so we know how the authentic recipe results in

a delicious snack.

Thepla is a healthier alternative to your tea-time snacks like biscuits, which are generally made from maida. Thepla is rich in calcium, iron, and fiber content which helps with digestion.

Thepla is not fried making it healthy and the minimum amount of oil used is required for digestion and to bring out the delicious taste of the masala and the ingredients used. 

Thepla is an ideal snack for people struggling with diabetes, and the people trying a fat loss diet.

We at Ekmek make sure that our recipe results in a product that satisfies the original qualities of thepla as a healthy snack.

We have different flavors of thepla for people who love an exotic twist to a healthy snack.

We have Multigrain Thepla especially for people who are aiming to live a healthy lifestyle. https://ekmek.in/products/multigrain-oats-parathaready-to-eat-vacuum-packed-pack-of-5

Thepla is the new trendy snack and we hope you make it yours soon :)